ThePrideDiaries is a podcast curating and amplifying real life stories about the lives of queer Africans.

Each episode is a mix of voices discussing every aspect of queer life in Nigeria and beyond. Nothing is off-limits


Help young queer Africans find a community

Become a resource centre for queer Africans

Educate about the human nature of queer living

Our History
In 2017, Rain Bow was with a group of friends, when she realized that everyone in the room was queer. The open and honest discussions that followed were amazing and affirming.

Wanting to share that feeling, she had friends join a Whatsapp group to send in voice notes about their stories. What started with a simple question, “how did you know you were queer?”, turned into ThePrideDiaries today. Where queer Africans can share their stories, resources, and community.

Meet the Team

Rain Bow

Founder, Host, and Producer

Rain Bow (Mariam Sule) she/her is a multifaceted person whose work centers on intersectional feminism, underrepresented minorities within society as well as the delicate intricacies of interpersonal communication dynamics. She loves learning, affirming spaces, and interesting food.

You can learn more about her work as a writer, editor, entrepreneur and communication strategist here (mariamsule.disha.page)

Joyce Olong

Sound Mixer

Joyce Olong is a Nigerian singer/songwriter and producer who within a couple years of subtle input into the alternative music scene, has been able to capture many discerning ears with her sound, vibrations and lush lyrics.

Her style is greatly influenced by Northern African sounds and rhythms infused with RnB, Reggae and Soul. As a featured artist/songwriter she has appeared on songs by artists like Paula B, Muyiwa Akhigbe, Yinka Bernie, Goldkeyz, Tim Lyre, Odunsi, Mafeni, DOZ and many others. 

Mid 2020, she joined The Pride Diaries as a sound mixer.